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Designer Bordeaux 3D printing 3D modeling

Professional or Individual, everything is possible thanks to3D printing. You can print replacement parts, prototypes, simple objects, parts that cannot be made by hand, or molds.

Additive manufacturing can be done with different materials (Petg, PLA, ABS, biosourced or even materials from shellfish)

3D printing


There3D modeling allows the realization  of various objects using Computer Aided Design (CAD). These 3D software allow you to model objects that can then be used to create renderings, plans, 3D prints and parts in 3D configurators.

3D modeling

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I produce files, plans and3D visuals for permit filings or for architects. I can travel to take measurements, take measurements and present a final project.

3D plan and visual


A project in mind?

I can follow himdesign to therealization. It all starts with a brief that we establishtogether then I make the first sketches. After validation, we enter the APS/APD phase to achieve prototyping.

Prototype manufacturing

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