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3D designer

based in Bordeaux

I offer my services as a freelancer ranging from the design to the realization of various projects regarding the3D modeling and 3D printing. I am here to listen to you in order to bring your ideas to life to optimize your projects and implement them. I am constantly researching new trends and techniques, while taking into account the constraints necessary for production and your budget. As a designer mastering the3D modeling, as well as3D printing, I am eequipped with a 3D printer, with which I make3D prints going from prototype to object.

I collaborated withdesigners, architects and various groups: (Alexis Tricoire, Ceciles Simian, Hermès, BNP Real Estate, Groupe Rocher, Paris Design Week, Hedonic store, ...).


Graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture from ENSA Paris Val de Seine then a master's degree indesignate at Politechnico di Milano, I mastered 3D modeling And3D printing. I use 3D software such as Rhinoceros 3D or Archicad. 

Subsequently, in order to master the raw material, I obtainedBordeaux  a carpentry course, which allowed me to acquire manufacturing and prototyping techniques.

I would be delighted to discuss your projects and bring them to fruition together!

Tania NAHMIAS, Paris, Bordeaux.

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Designer Bordeaux Modélisation 3D Impression 3D


I offer my services as a freelancer. I work on projects in the design to carry out various projects. I make3D visuals, of the3D modeling, of theprototypes wooden or3D printing.

Designer Bordeaux 3D Modeling 3D Printing

3D printing


3D modeling

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2D plan and visual

Designer Bordeaux 3D Modeling 3D Printing

Prototype manufacturing


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